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fried rice

Monkey boy has been having cravings for fried rice. He loves eating fried rice and has been asking me to cook some for him for lunch. Today I made fried rice for him. I added his favourite crab stick besides egg and mixed vegetable.  It is an easy to make 1 dish meal which only takes me about 15 minutes to cook.

Do you eat fried rice too?


This week I am sharing with you a song sung a group of Korean singers.


1. Tomorrow I am _________
Going to take time off as it is Labour Day holiday.

2. When is your birthday?
 15th August. Are you getting any presents for me?

3. What are you currently excited about?
Our upcoming trip to Korea next month.

4. Do you have any secrets?
Sure. Doesn’t everyone have some. However I don’t keep any secrets from R.

5. What do you normally eat for lunch?
Whatever I have cooked for Monkey boy and Tiger girl for lunch. Today we had fried rice. (See the picture above).

Kids Amuse Me Monday

Raising girls bookLast weekend we took the kids to the library to borrow books for them to read during the week. We have been bringing the kids to the library more often now that there is a new library that opened up in a mall that we frequently visit after mass on Sunday.

Guess who picked up this book for R and I to read?

A- Monkey Boy

B- Doggie boy

C- Tiger Girl


I was surprised when this book was selected and thrust to me to borrow.  I never expected one of my kids to select such a book. One of them must  really feel that as parents we still lack the relevant skills in parenting girls and need to read up more.

We have only been raising our girl for the past 20 months and still have lots to learn about raising girls as compared to boys.  I guess this must be on the mind of my kid who took the book for me to read.

So can you guess which of the three  made us borrow the book? I would like to read your guesses below in the comments. 😛

This week the theme is 1 hit wonder. I’m choosing Don’t say you love me by M2M. Do you remember listening to this group back in 2000s.


1. I keep putting off making a photobook for Tiger girl. I can’t put it off any longer as the voucher expires on 25th April which is 2 days time!!

2. What is your current weather?
Wet and humid.

3. What is the nicest room in your house?
 It would be the kitchen as it is the least cluttered room in the house at the moment. It also has all my fancy gadgets (toys) in it 😛

4. What jewelry do you never take off?
My wedding band. The only exception was before delivering the 3 kids as no jewellery was allowed during the C-sections which I had to go through.

5. Do you eat a snack before bed?
 No. I’m actively trying to lose weight so no snacking for me.