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Writer’s Workshop: One Word- Change

One Word- Change

One Word- Change


2015 is the year of CHANGE for me. I’m dedicating this year to doing a massive overhaul in the different areas of my life.

I have been procrastinating for too long and it is time for some action.  It is time for a revamp- Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

I’m going all out to make it work this time by systematically following through my to-do list for each area that I will be working on.

Physical  Change

– Get into better shape and ideal weight
(I’ve already stated this in my 2015 resolutions)

– Revamp my wardrobe and dressing

– Get the kids/ family to participate in more outdoor and physical sports.

– Sleep earlier each day and try to get better quality sleep with the help of essential oils.

– De -cluttering every area of the house to reduce physical clutter and only to keep items that are really of use to the family.

Mental Change

– To sharpen my mind by reading up  and learning about brain development/ NLP/ Positive parenting

– To develop a different mindset and work towards maximizing   the kids and my academic potential

– To remove all toxicity around me be it in the form of a person or thought.  Reduce negative thoughts, actions and presumptions.

Spiritual Change

– To devote more time to prayer and mediation

– Cultivate a spirit of gratitude in the family

What is your word for 2015?


Jenny Matlock

Mama’s Losin’ It


Writer’s Workshop: Can You Hear it too?

Ice Cold Apple Juice

Ice Cold Apple Juice


As I sip on the refreshing  ice -cold apple juice I momentarily close my eyes to refocus myself.  I try to shut out everything and meditate.

I have been having the kids around me 24/7  as they  are currently on  their year end vacations.

My ears are constantly aching from hearing  many different voices streaming through them. There is no “off” switch or  way to adjust the volume on some of the voices.

” Mummy he took my toy!!”- Tiger girl complaining.

” Give it to me!!”- Monkey boy ordering.

” I can’t find it.. Mummy!!!”- Doggie boy reporting.

” Okay give me 5 minutes”- Tiger girl stalling for time.

” He’s annoying me!”- Tiger girl complaining.

” It’s the holidays why can’t  I just play the whole day? “- Doggie boy asking.

” Would you like an apple?” – Me talking to Tiger girl

” Don’t disturb your sister!” – Me talking to Monkey boy

” Sit up straight. Don’t slouch!”- Me talking to Doggie boy

” Stop pointing your Nerf gun at your sister. She doesn’t like it.” – Me telling Monkey boy

” Did you put the clothes to wash? ” – My inner voice talking

” What shall I cook for dinner?” – Inner voice talking again.

There are too many different voices swirling around my head vying for attention at the same time. It really  makes my heart hurt at times.

It takes a lot of patience and diligence to attend to every single voice that comes into my earshot.

Experience  has taught me how to prioritize which voice to attend to first and  which one to mute temporarily.

What have you been hearing lately?



Jenny Matlock

Mama’s Losin’ It