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Pinkie Pie Vs Rainbow Dash

Pinkie Pie Vs Rainbow Dash

I’ve recently been putting quite a lot of pins on my Hama bead craft board on pinterest. I have taken an interest in this bead craft as it  allows one to be free to design and create without any restrictions.

I find that it is a  great alternative to electronic games during rest periods in between studying for the kids and was really happy that the kids were willing to give it a try.

One only needs to have an idea of what he wants to create and go with the flow till the whole piece is done.   There are many templates and samples available online and one has only to download and print out the patterns which they fancy.

This week’s Wordful Wednesday post showcased some of the items which the kids and I have recently created.  We did Minecraft weapons and my little pony figurines.

The kids just needed  to  count accurately and put the beads in the correct positions on the board before fusing them together. The kids and I had great fun seeing our creations come together when we fused them with the iron.

It didn’t seem that difficult especially since we were following templates. We could innovate as we go along if necessary as we may not have all the required colors on hand or wanted something more to our taste.

As you could see the creations turned out pretty well and the 3 kids have been using the Hama creations in their own self directed play of Pinky Pie vs Rainbow dash.

They make great props for script writing and acting and I can incorporate learning into play.  (Killing two birds with one stone)

Have you actually tried doing something which you saw on Pinterest?

Jenny Matlock

Mama’s Losin’ It


Writer’s Workshop: Seeking Inspiration

A pink bloom

A pink bloom captured with my DSLR while on vacation in Penang, Malaysia


Something that we seek.

A spark which triggers off a series of emotion.

Something that mentally stimulates us .

It makes us want to take action.

A catalyst which motivates change for the better.

A shove for you to make the first step.

Starting a new challenge or a  new chapter in your life.

Like a pink bloom on the end of a stalk,

It brings with it promise of the future.

The possibility of something that will be.

A vision which can be a reality.




Jenny Matlock

Mama’s Losin’ It