Book Review: Joi the Koi by Devon Anthony

Joi the Koi, Gets a New Home (Joi the Koi, Volume 1) by Devon Anthony  is a uplifting story about a Japanese Koi Fish who learns about patience and faith while living in a Pet store awaiting for someone special to purchase her and take her home.

The first book in the new series of books on Joi the Koi this book gives children an inside to what happens within the Ark Land pet store.  The story starts off with the author introducing Joi and the other animals in the pet store.  The customers who came into the store were busy looking at the different pets in the store and paid little attention to the fish village at the back.

Joi the Koi lived at the Fish Village with her friends Chubby the Guppy, Teta the Betta and Sir Lumpkin the Shubunkin.  An unfortunate accident with the glass of the fish tank being broken saw Joi and her friends spill out from the tank onto the floor.

To make the most out of the disaster the shopkeeper announced a flash discount for the fish from the fall and they were eagerly snapped up by the customers  except for Joi. Joi was left alone in a new glass while she watched her friends being sold off  one by one.

She felt lonely and was losing faith that a customer would come by and take her home.  A voice within her told her not to lose her faith. It told her to kiss the glass and someone would come her way.  In the end a little girl really came and bought Joi and took her home.

My thoughts

I love the underlying message of faith and hope which is been presented by Joi the fish. It shows that with faith and determination what we desire can come true. I love the realistic graphics illustrated by Gwen Clifford.  There is an extensive explanation of fish facts at the back of the book. Joi the Koi comes with an Audio CD which has tracks in both English and Spanish. I find that this is really handy as I can play the CD for my 5 yr old to listen to while he reads the book independently.

Both my 5 and 8 yr old boys loved reading the book and I’m sure that your kids will love the story too.


You can purchase a copy of this book for $20  from  Amazon

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