The year of the Ox- 2009

Chinese New Year of the Ox #3
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We will be celebrating Chinese New Year in about a weeks time. It would be time to send the Rat of and welcome the OX as it reigns supreme in 2009. I have been busy lately spring cleaning the house and getting everything ready for welcoming the new year.

The boys will be  dressed in their Chinese Costumes as we go visiting friends and relatives. Ryan is extremely looking forward to it as it is his chance to build up his “holiday funds” via the cash that he receives as red pocket money.

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[ As part of the Chinese Custom kids are given red packets with money inside from married couples to symbolize good luck]

I remember as a kid receiving red packets were what I looked forward to every Chinese New Year. It was also a good time to see how “generous” our relatives were in giving.  The red packets that I received ranged from $2-$50 and I manage to save quite a bit each time.

However with the current economic downturn I am quite skeptical to the number of >$10 red packets that Ryan will be able to bag. 🙂

It will be a fun time for us as most of our relatives who live overseas will be flying in to meet up with the rest of the family during this festive season.  It will be great to see them after missing them for a year.


I’m off now to the market to buy some mandarin oranges which will be exchanging as symbols of wealth and good luck during our visitations.

Have you completed your shopping for Chinese New Year ?

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