Easter Hunt cum Swim Party

Easter Flowers

On Easter Sunday we gathered at one of my aunt’s house forĀ  Easter Lunch. The boys were looking forward to the Easter hunt that she had prepared for them.

After lunch they took their baskets and went around the garden looking for the chocolate easter eggs.

Monkey boy counting his Easter Eggs
Doggy boy’s finds

After the Easter Egg hunt the boys headed straight for the pool to cool off from the afternoon heat.

Having fun in the water
The kids and I having fun in the pool

It was a really fun Easter for the kids and they had so much fun that they are so looking forward to next Easter where they can go on an Easter egg hunt again.

How was your Easter?

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Perk Me up Monday

The Easter weekend has been a rather tiring one for me as the boys were really hyper and I was busy finalizing our Summer vacation plans. It really takes a long time scrolling through the bits of information on the various pages via the internet to get the best deals on tickets and accommodation.

The heat is really getting to me and it has been really physically and mentally draining month for me and I’m looking to music once again to perk me up.

PhotobucketHere’s a short clip from one of my all time favourite cartoons- Fantasia

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