10 Breathtaking Photos Taken Last Week

We are finally back from our short vacation in Bali. The scenery there was simply breathtaking.  We had a rather relaxing holiday as I didn’t pack too many place to visit into our itinerary. In fact I only planned on which places to visit after we touched down and checked into the hotel.



Doesn’t it look very inviting. We were treated to the soft tones of traditional Balinese music when we arrived in the lobby to check in.

The view from the hotel room was stunning.

The balcony overlooked the pool and the boys couldn’t wait to hit the water after we unpacked their swim gear from the luggage.

If you think that the view of the pool was great you should check out the Nusa Dua Beach which was a stone’s throw from the hotel.

There were deck chairs lining various portions of the sandy beach and they were certainly very inviting despite the heat.


The section of the beach which we settled down for a relaxing time when we re-visited the beach to view the sunset.

The beach at sunset.  I love the change in the colour of the sky during this period of the day.

We even managed to catch the moon rising while the sun was setting at the beach. Cool isn’t it!!

There were some lovely beachside villas @ Grand Hyatt hotel which were occupied by the diplomats who were attending a congress being held at the convention centre in Nusa Dua. I love how grand the entrances to these 2-3 room villa with and exclusive private pool looks like.  Unfortunately staying in such a villa in Bali is really beyond our budget.

This is a temple that we visited during our day trip up to Kintamani  to see the Volcano Mount Batur

The view from the restaurant we at while at Kintamani.

You can see Mount Batur in the background.

Isn’t the scenery breathtaking?

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Nusa Dua Beach © by Adhi Rachdian


Just a short note to my readers. It had been fun here in Bali with the kids. The weather here in not as hot as back in Singapore. The kids are enjoying themselves in the pool and the beach is really magnificant like the picture above. The kids did not fuss too much on the 2.5hr flight to Bali from Singapore and were helpful in carrying/pulling our luggage while we went through immigration. I’ll be posting photos of this trip next week when I get back and upload the pictures that I took.

It has been a rather relaxing holiday as we are setting our own pace and only visiting the places of interest that are suitable for the kids.  This is the last holiday for the kids and me this year. Next year we may bring them to places further away as they will be able to take a longer flight.

How has your week been?