Happy Happy Birthday to Me

Birthday cake

It has been a year since I celebrated my birthday. This year I have been blessed to celebrate my birthday with my girlfriends. In fact the celebrations started since last week when I went out for a lunch buffet with a few girlfriends of mine.

I love the  slice of tiramisu cake which the hotel kitchen prepared.  It was a very generous slice which  was presented and I shared with my friends.  I had been thinking of  making tiramisu and it was just nice that I got to eat some that day.

This year I had more celebrations with different groups of friends and had several lunches last week and this week. I will need to work extra hard to cut off all the extra weight that I have gained through feasting and restart my weight lost regime.

How did you celebrate your birthday?


30 plus 4 plus 1 candles

Candle birthday cakes.
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This year’s birthday celebration was quite unique. The boys insisted on having their mini birthday cakes to celebrate my birthday. We ended up with 2 mini cakes and 1 normal cake.  It was fun blowing out the candles on the birthday cakes and having to sing Happy birthday 6 times- Ryan insisted on singing both in English and Mandarin for all of us.  It seems that the 3 cake birthday celebration( a cake for the immediate family, 1 for my relatives and 1 for Hb’s relatives) that was started when Ryan was born would be continued. 🙂

*Update* The original picture on this post was wiped out when I reinstalled WP will upload the picture back again if I find it.

How did you celebrate your birthday this year?