5 in 2015 which I will be doing differently


Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

It has been a really busy month for me this January.  2015 is here and there has been a lot of changes.  If you do not already know CHANGE is my word of focus for this year.  

Earlier on in this month I have shared my goals for 2015  and here in this post I’ll let you in on what I will be doing differently  in 5 main areas in my life this year.

1. Be more disciplined in mentoring/teaching the kids.

Even though we do have a timetable which we follow there are still many activities which do not make it off the planning page  of my scheduler. I’m certainly going to put in more effort this year to make sure that I am able to tick off every single activity which has been listed down in that book.

I have been wanting to do extra bible reading and build up their knowledge in GOD but it has been procrastinating a lot. Even though we do have devotional books at home I seldom get around to using it with the kids. I am  usually tired out after following up on their academic subjects that spiritual development gets neglected. This is certainly not good!! No  more neglect in this area.

I’m putting this down in writing here to remind myself that it is important in their overall development to develop a relationship with GOD and what better time then when they are kids to help them in this area. (Don’t you agree??)

2. Spending more time outdoors

Being outdoor certainly does wonders to clear one’s mind and to get some physical activity.  Nowadays the kids and me hit the playground/ park almost daily after they have completed their homework.  They get the chance to unwind by playing at the playground or going around the place on their skate scooters/ bicycles.

In fact Tiger girl goes to the playground twice a day as  we have to walk pass 5 playgrounds en-route to  her school. The temptation to stop and play is really too great for her.

Me in my exercise gear

Me in my exercise gear

3. Focusing more on ME.

Solo parenting has been very hectic for me. Being on standby and handling everything relating to the kids and household can be very draining. I need time to recharge and am scheduling more time  for ME TIME on a daily basis.

I’ve step up my efforts in keeping a balance lifestyle and giving more attention to personal grooming and health.  I’m exercising at least three times a week during the weekdays and have been documenting my weight lost effort over at the other blog- Rachel Dominique. 

I’m looking at more you tube videos on different make up techniques and seek recommendations from friends on how to enhance my appearance and improve on my dress style.

I’m spending more time seeking GOD through bible readings and also  developing my relationship with him through acting on his WORD.

It is important to take good care of oneself both inside and outside and I’m not going to neglect myself this year.

4. Focusing on my Marriage

A picture of R taken during one of his overseas business trip.

A picture of R taken during one of his overseas business trip.

This year will be another challenging year for me as R is now stationed overseas for work. Even though we are physically apart we communicate daily via Whatsapp, Line, FB and even e-mail.

I keep him updated on what the kids and I are doing over here in Singapore  in words and in pictures while he lets me know how work and living is over where he is.

It isn’t easy  maintaining a relationship when both parties are physically apart due to work/ family commitment. Temptation is certainly great and it can be very easy to stray from the marriage.

Even though we have been married for nearly 14 years I do not take this union for granted.  I’m working extra hard to spend time with him as much as I can by flying over to be with R whenever I can.

This year I’m flying off to spend some couple time with him during the  Valentines day weekend and keep the sparks between us electric.

5. Living simply 

Female Skates to give away (Singapore based readers only)

Female Skates to give away (Singapore based readers only)

Living simply is what I aim to do.  Since the start of January I have started de-cluttering all the rooms in the house one by one. Items that I do no longer use or have use for are given away to friends and relatives who have needs for the items.

Moving forward I will only purchase/keep items that I really need as I do not want to clutter up the house like it previously was.

The two pair of skates in the picture above are to be given away. If they do fit you and you are based in Singapore do drop me a comment and I will contact you on how I can pass  the pair over to you.


What will you be doing differently  in 2015?


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