Reading Easy with 3M LED P1610 Polarizing Lamp

Tiger Girl reading a book under the lamp
Tiger Girl reading a book under the lamp

It is very important to have  proper lighting when reading or doing homework.  Now that Tiger girl is in Primary school she has much more  homework to do on a daily basis.  Having a good study lamp is an essential for her.

I was privileged to be  able to review the latest lamp by 3M- The P1610.  Her brothers have previously received the  3M LED 5000  and the 3M LED 6000 on earlier occassions and I was really curious to find out what enhancements 3M has done to its study lamp

The box which the  3M P1610 lamp came in
The box which the 3M P1610 lamp came in

What captivated me when we boxed the lamp was that it had a circular disc like  design for the light instead of the streamline LED designs that we have seen in their previous models.

This new design minimizes the chance of blind spots around the table as a bigger area is illuminated by the lamp.

A view of the lamp switched off
A view of the lamp switched off

As you can see without a study lamp there is a shadow formed on the storybook . Once the  P1610 is switched on the shadows simply dissapear.

Tiger girl with the lamp switched on
Tiger girl with the lamp switched on

Some else new with the 3M LED P1610 Polarizing Lamp is the ability for the user to change the LED color from a Cool White to a Warm  White.  With 5 different color selections there is certainly a color to achieve the optimal lighting for ones optimal reading pleasure.   With 5 level brightness adjustment , you can have lux levels from 200 all the way up to 1000!!

3M’s polarizing filter technology reduces the glare by almost 80% and only allows comfortable light to filter through without the emission of harmful UV rays.

The 3M Air Guided Technology reduces the chance of multi shadows making it easy on the eyes.

With a 5 color and 5 level of brightness change  the workspace is easily altered to suit the different needs of the user.

Retailing at $289 the  3M LED P1610 Polarizing lamp can be found in most major electronic stores.

Disclosure: I received a 3M LED P1610 Polarizing Lamp for review purpose. All opinions are mine.

Finding A New Me- Results after 16 weeks


Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss
Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss
October 2016 was  really a month of surprises for me. Firstly let me share with you how wonderful it has been for me being on the Nutritional Cleansing Program that I started at the end of August.
I start the day feeling very energised and my fitness level has certainly improved. Exercising 3-4 times a week and improving my diet has certainly boosted my mental clarity. I find myself more productive each day as I get more things done then before.
I’m enjoying life much more as I find that even though I have more on my plate to handle this year I’m still able to find time to pursue my passions and do personal development on a daily basis.
I’m really happy that I am making progress in my weight loss goal and the stubborn body fat that I have been carrying around with me has finally started peeling off 🙂
Focusing on Fat Loss instead of Weight loss has brought about the results that I seek.
5 weeks on here are the changes that happened to me.
Weight from 70.4kg —-> 66.7kg (-3.7kg)
Body Fat – 38.4% —> 33.3% (-5.1%)
Metabolic Age – 55 —> 42 ( -13 years)
My results after 5 weeks
My results after 5 weeks
I was  11Kg from my desired weight now and have a healthy BMI. and I looked better in my clothes.


How I looked in October 2016
How I looked in October 2016
As you can see I have accumulated quite a spare Tyre from the 3 pregnancies I had.  I’m working hard to get a flatter tummy and remove all the unsightly love handles that I have. My aim is to get to looking good with a strong core and be my ideal weight of between 55-58kg.
Since October  I haven’t been that diligent on the program and have been slack since the school holidays. My weight has been stagnant
and the scales hasn’t moved due to holiday feasting that I have been indulging in.  Now that my schedule has settled down a bit as Chinese New Year is over I’m more focused on my health goals.
Doggie boy and Tiger girl and me
Doggie boy and Tiger girl and me

I make it a point to exercise with the kids on the weekend and during weekdays I go for walks too if time permits.

I have been tweaking our family diet and will share more about what we have been eating lately in the next post.

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