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Travel Writing by Wendy VanHatten- A Book Review

Ipanema Beach
Image by photog63 via Flickr

Looking at this picture of  prestine white sand along the coastline is really relaxing. How I wish I could be one of the holiday makers lying under the big umbrellas sipping on a cocktail and enjoy hearing the sound of waves lapping against the beach.

Such a dream can become a reality. Yes, it is possible if you are aiming to be a freelance travel writer.

Wendy VanHatten  has just released a book entittled  Travel Writing as a Freelancer and  my site is fortunate to be one of the  be part of her virtual (blog) book tour.

In her 64 page e-book she gives really handy tips on how to get started as a freelance travel writer.

She describes in detail the steps in how to write your articles. There are many easy to relate to examples and even milestone checkers in the mini assignments that she gives at the end of each topic.

Topics covered in her book include, specializing and specifics,story structure & headlines and  using photography to sell your story.

The tips and tricks shared by Wendy are very useful for me as it taught me more about how to market travel destinations.

For those who do not know besides focusing my energies on this parenting blog I have two travel websites- Best Budget Travel Cebu & Best Budget Travel Cagayan. With the added knowledge gained from Wendy’s book I will be able to come up with some articles to promote these two websites during the current festive season.

Do hop over to Wendy’s site to check out her book if your interested to be a freelance travel writer.

Yesterday the blog tour was at Virtual Blog Tours
and tomorrow it will continue with Casey Wohl at Girls Getaway Guide.

Positive Directions by John Ryder Ph.D.

John Ryder is launching his new book on  16th Sept . His book Positive Directions-Shifting Polarities to Escape Stress and increase Happiness. I feel that this book is exactly what I needed.It teaches me how to identify what is causing the negative thinking in my life and how to reverse it with positive thinking to help me reduce my stress and increase my happiness.

In his book he talks about the 9 keys or life skills and how to use them efficiently to release ourselves from the locks(negativity) that we have  unwittingly created for ourselves

  • Attention (concentration & shifting)
  • Perception (awareness & knowledge)
  • Higher Self (objectivity & direction)
  • Passion (energy & motivation)
  • Will Power (stamina & patience)
  • Judgment (rational & intuitive thinking)
  • Replacing patterns (positive programming)
  • Transformation (negative into positive)
  • Achieving Peak Potential (talents & goals)

The 328 page book will give you a better inside into the way your mind works and how to get around the negative feelings of  feeling helpless, feeling of having your energy drained away stress with having to deal with kids 24/7.  It also gives you an insight how to rid your life of complications and to simply it so that you are more at ease with yourself and be more peaceful. It is definitely a must read for all who are interested to get a better understanding of oneself and seeking a positive change to one’s mindset.