Book Review

Books that we have read and reviewed

Soul Discovery- Joan Marie Whelan

Joan Marie Whelan, a lady with a special gift, has shared her views and life experiences in her latest book Soul Discovery.

I had been fortunate to be able to review the book before it hits the stands. It was really a soul searching book for me. I gathered a lot of inside to the importance of focusing on the positive energies instead of the negatives at it will ruin your life.  The 121pages was worth the read as the nine chapters inside covered in details how you can connect with your inner self and uncover the gifts that you have already received.

Do not judge or criticize yourself or others.

This is one of the golden rules. Yet, so many of us do this on a daily basis.

One of the best gifts you have to give another in life is the gift of love, joy and acceptance. When someone is yelling at you, they are  really yelling at themselves.

Frequently when someone is hurting, they misplace their feelings and hurt another.

Knowing this fact, does not necessarily make it easier;

however, if you can understand and be very clear who you

are and what it is you wish to experience, others will have

no other option but to treat you in that way.”

I find this quotation from her book most enduring. It tells you straight to the point the root cause of one’s misery. You self-inflict torture /pain on yourself when you judge others as it eats into you and stains your soul. By passing your judgement on others you are also being judged, and most of the time, very harshly by others in return. Many times it is our mindset which is hampering our personal growth and development. We are so taken in by society and it’s way of reasoning that we fail to see that society’s way is not God’s way and how we should be living our lives.

Do purchase a copy of her book and you will be enlightened.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle’s – The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a must read for young readers.

It is an excellent book which addresses the life cycle of a butterfly. From a egg , it hatches into a tiny caterpillar and starts eating till it becomes a very fat and big caterpillar. After it has ate it’s full it weaves a cocoon around it and hibernates before emerging as a colourful butterfly.

It teaching the Science concept of a butterfly’s life cycle and is an introduction to the topic of animal life-cycle.

Egg—> Larvae —-> Cocoon —-> Adult Butterfly

The book also address the concept of counting and healthy/unhealthy foods.The caterpillar feasts on unhealthy snacks such as chocolate cake, ice-cream, pickle, Swiss cheese, salami, a lollipop, some cherry pie,a sausage, a cupcake and one slice of watermelon. As result of his feasting he had a stomach. Parents can focus on the need to eat healthy and in moderation to kids as a subtopic from reading this book.

Counting and days of the weeks is also addressed in this book through in the section

“ On Monday, he ate through one apple. But he was still hungry.”

“On Tuesday, he ate through two pears . But he was still hungry.”

“On Wednesday, he ate through three plums. But he will still hungry”

Kids can stick their fingers through the holes in the fruits on each page while the caterpillar devours the different fruits each day and count along. By encouraging the kids to count they will slowly be able to associate the spoken number with the quantity.

You can view the video here