5 Greatest Parental Mistakes

I have been reading this book – Kids are from Jupiter by   Mark chamberlain and have picked up many good tips from his book

In summary it talks about the 5 greatest parental mistakes

  1. Giving into guilt by taking upon the mistakes of the children as your own. It is okay if children make mistakes. It is only bad if they do not learn from it. It is not possible for your child not to make mistakes or be infallible as you personally are not.
  2. Striving for Perfectionism. Stop!! Don’t do that you are not bringing up robots. If all your kids problems/battles are being solved by you catering to their every need they will not be able to adapt to the real world and the how to be independent and face their own battles. They will not know/learn the techniques/skills needed for survival.
  3. Being Overindulgent.   Do not be afraid to deprive your kids. Sometimes they have too much of a good thing to learn how to appreciate it properly.
  4. Failing to admit that they as parents foul up sometimes. Do admit your mistakes to you child if you commit any. It will only help to strengthen your relationship . Your child will give you plenty of changes to apologize, ask for forgiveness and try to do better.
    Problems and errors are inevitable; how we handle them is up to us. We can be critical of ourselves or our children, or we can see our mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.
  5. Shutting off the child. Irregardless of what  tactic you try in an attempt to guide your child, make sure that you also keep the lines of communication open, be as perceptive as you can, and then trust your intuition about what’s best for your son or daughter.