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Watch Your Delivery by Gabriella Van Rij


Watch Your Delivery by Gabriella

Watch Your Delivery by Gabriella

Watch Your Delivery  by Gabriella van Rij is a quick read about human behavior. Through the  112 pages I had an overview about the six different parts which affect our communications.

Part 1 –  Action/ Reaction

Part 2- Tone

Part 3- Split Second Judgement

Part 4- Fear-based communication

Part 5- Body Language

Part 6- A Positive Perception

Many a times the message that we wish to convey to the other party may go wrong as they perceive what we say differently from what it was meant to be.

The delivery  of a message is very important . Sometimes it comes out wrong and that’s where relationships start to break down.

How we read a person can determine how we react to what we hear or visually see when a message is communicated.

In a split second we pass our judgement about the message bearer and sometimes our judgement may not be accurate .

My thoughts

It was interesting how Gabriella breaks down  the different components which make up communication difficult.  The way we communicate affects the relationships that we create with others.

Communication channels break down and misunderstandings take place when verbal and non verbal cues are read wrongly.  Personal biases and prior experiences sometimes cloud or hamper proper judgements.

I could relate to many of the comic strips in the book which were used to depict the different ugly behaviors that we may see in society.  The comics  within the chapters make it a refreshing  breaks from the monotony of words.

Do pick up a copy of the book if you would like to know how you can improve on your communication skills.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.


A Helping Hand : Delicious Recipes in English & Tagalog

A Helping Hand Book Cover

A Helping Hand Book Cover


A Helping Hand- Delicious Recipies in English & Tagalog by Frog Michaels is the first cookbook which I’ve seen that introduces the different recipes in both English and Tagalog. Most dual language cookbooks that I’ve seen are in English/Chinese  or just English alone.  This was certainly the first of the kind for me.

In this cookbook Michaels introduces recipes that are easy to prepare from Breakfasts to Dinners and even Desserts.   There are 86 recipes inside for you to browse through which are from Western and Asian Cusines.

You do not need to be a professional chef to whip up these delicious meals in the kitchen. Some meals are even simple enough for kids to make for their own breakfast like French Toast , Soft Boiled Eggs or scramble eggs.

Salt and peper Squid ( Calamari)

Salt and peper Squid ( Calamari)

I love this appitizer and will not hesitate to order this dish when we are in a seafood restaruant. I was glad to see the recipe in this cookbook. Doesn’t it look yummy?  In the upcoming March holidays the kids will be taught how to make this dish as part of our holiday activities.

Aachi's Chicken Curry

Aachi’s Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry is  one of my favourite dishes too . Complimented with  rice it makes a complete meal on the go for busy individuals.  Now that I have the recipe for creating it  I see that it will be a dish that I will attempt to master soon.

A selection of Desserts

A selection of Desserts

If you are into sweets there are also some dessert recipies for you to try out.

My thoughts

I found that this cookbook by Frog Michaels as an excellent tool for households who have domestic helpers from Philipines or even  Filipinos who want to learn more about the local Singaporean cusine together with dishes from other international cusines.

The pictorial ingredient list at the back of the book certainly comes in handy for foreigners  or newbie cooks who are not sure which items they have to pick up at the grocery store or supermarket to recreate the dishes.

You can pick up a copy from their website- A Helping Hand

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.