10 Things to talk to your kids about

Tiger girl talking on the phone

Tiger girl talking on the phone

Kids these days grow up much faster than we think. There are certain things which we need to talk and  start to explain to them while they are young.

Sometimes we may assume that our child is too young to understand the concepts which we wish to teach or convey to them. We tell ourselves that it’s too early to approach the topic with our kids and we should wait till they are much older so they will be able to understand better.

We put things off and as a result may never find the “right moment” to get around  letting your child know what you have been meaning to tell him/her.To me there is never a “right” moment and if we wait around for it you will never get around to doing it.

What for put off what you are able to do now?  You be surprised how advance the mind of a two year old is and that she really is able to understand what you wish to say.

Here is a list of ten things which I will/have been talking to my kids about.

  1. We are always here for you as your parents.
    No matter where you are or what time it is in the day they can count on us to be there for you.
  2. Trust yourself
    We may not be there with you 24/7 so you will need to make your own decisions at time. Do be confident that you are able to make your own decisions. Trust in yourself.
  3. Treasure your body
    Your body is a sacred part of you which shouldn’t be randomly shared with others or abused. Take care of your own health and mind. Parts of the body which are private should remain as so- PRIVATE. Do think twice before giving into the pleasures of the flesh and regretting it later on. You have been informed about the various dangers/ consequences that come with a intimate relationship with others. You do know what is appropriate and in-appropriate behaviour.
  4. Stand by your morals and values
    Diligence, respect, honesty are just some of the values which you have been taught since young. They will serve you well throughout your life. These values will keep your rooted and be your anchor.
  5. No topic is taboo or off limit.
    Sex and Death which used to be something hidden in the cupboard and left up to self discovery during my time is not something which is off limit at home.  The kids are entitled to know about these issues regardless of their age. There are many age appropriate props/ books which can be use to facilitate their understanding these days.
  6. No one is perfect
    As a human we do err and have our fail moments. We do not know the answer for everything nor need the answer for every questions that we have in life. The thing that we need to remember is that we need to give it our best and not give up without even trying.
  7. We live in an imperfect world
    We live in a scary world. It can be unsafe and harmful and not every person that we meet has our best interest. You need to be vigilant and look out for yourself.
  8. Place GOD as your top priority.
    Always remember to put GOD at the top of your list followed by family then self. This will remind yourself that it is because of your creator that you are existing here in this world.
  9. Do not covet what others have.
    The grass may not be greener on the other side. You may not live in a bungalow house  or be driven around in a Ferrari but you have been given the best that we can afford. In fact you can consider yourself to be extremely lucky to have been born in a place where there is no natural disasters and you do not worry about a roof on over your head or food to eat.
  10. Be flexible and adaptable.
    Things change and people change. Nothing is really absolute these days. Buildings can be torn down and rebuilt. Be open to the ever changing environment which you are in and  seize the opportunities and chances which come your way.

What would you be talking to your kids about?