{Thankful Today} – Family and Good Music

My family
The past week we were having lots of fun over at Phuket, Thailand.  We flew there for a short family vacation and the kids and I really loved the place. We try to go on family vacations twice a year so that the kids can get the chance to spend more time with their dad who is always flying around. The kids enjoyed swimming everyday and were really excited when saw the private pool that came with the hotel room. They could practically jump into the pool from the bedroom !!

It was a great bonding time for everyone and we had fun visiting various places of interest and playing in theme parks. We didn’t really got around to eating much Thai food as the kids were not able to handle the spicy Thai foods and opted for western or Japanese instead.  The boys loved the water theme park- Splash Jungle much that they are asking to go back there soon. It had been fun week and we are looking forward to our next  family holiday to Malaysia.


This week I am featuring Chinese X’mas songs.