Weekend Reflections: Deep in Thought

Monkey boy


Sometimes I really wonder what is on my child’s mind. It would be  interesting to know how their brain functions and how they  connect the different ideas that pop into their heads. What is their train of thought and how do they get to such a conclusion?

The mind is indeed a very mysterious and wonderful organ. Any thought that enters in it would trigger a series of reactions which manifests itself both physically and mentally.  If it was a good thought he would be happy while a bad thought would send him into a foul mood.

Even though it would be ideal if I could sensor off any bad thoughts from entering his mind but I know that this is impossible.  There is certainly going to be good days and bad days for him. He will have to learn to deal with a whole array of different emotions and  thoughts that will be going through his brain.

Monkey boy will have to learn how to internalize his feelings and reflect on what triggers the series of unhappy or disturbing thoughts for him.  It won’t be easy but I’m sure he be able to cope if he has the right tools given/ taught to him.

I believe that it is important to teaching  him the various life skills he needs in life starting from an early age.  Many a times we may be so caught up in focusing on the academics side of education and neglect the more important parts of developing life skills and have a good spiritual grounding.

I have read articles about 12 yr olds and teenagers taking their lives or some of then turning to crime or other society ills as they are not able to cope with their own feelings and feel that they cannot turn to anyone for help. I really hope that Monkey boy and his siblings will grow up to be emotionally balanced individuals who are able to cope with the stress that life may bring them.

This school holidays I will be doing reviews with Monkey boy regarding his goals in life and teach him how to deal with any negative thoughts that he may have been harboring.

What do you intend to do with your kids to help them
grow up as emotionally stable individuals?

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