Chocolate Cake on a Friday

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

Hazelnut Chocolate cake

I have been thinking a lot about cake lately. Chocolate cake.  I haven’t had the time to bake some for myself to eat so we went to The Coffee Club for some over the week. They have one of the best selection of cakes that I know of.

Wasabi Cake

The latest offering ~Wasabi Chocolate cake with popcorn on top.  It doesn’t really taste as good as the Hazelnut cake above. We ordered it as I thought it would be cool  to try a wasabi infused one. However it tasted a bit weird and I’ll rather have wasabi with soya while eating sushi instead. The kids loved the popcorn on the top and polished it off before I could have a bite of it.

Do you like chocolate cake too?

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