Bounce Bounce Around this Monday

Tiger girl bouncing Tiger girl enjoyed herself tremendously on the trampolines when we were at the Angry Bird Space Preview last week. Seeing her having so much fun bouncing around.  Bounce, bounce, bounce all around the trampoline which resembled a crater. Obvious of everyone else around her. Soaking in the moment and having fun. Higher and higher she went as she bounced harder on the trampoline. I had to ensure that she didn’t bounce out of the trampoline or to the sides and injure herself instead.

Looking at her having fun reminded me of the need for one to have fun. Play is an important part of their growing up and it helps them build up their character and fine tune both their physical and mental capabilities.  Many time we  as adults dismiss the need for us to take it easy and  take time off to play too. We should too as adult learn how to  take some time to indulge in play too.  It would certainly make a day pass easier. I certainly do take time to play with the kids.

Do you indulge in play?



This week I am featuring another hit from Super Junior.