Embracing the Peranakan Culture on a Monday

giant pot

 A pot normally used to store food in the olden days.

Over the weekend I saw this enormous pot at the airport. It was part of the  Peranakan Culture exhibition which was on going at the airport.  For those of you who do not know my family is Peranakan and my grandmother went through the traditionalNonya  wedding back then when she was eighteen years old.  With such a rich heritage there is a lot which I will need to learn about before I am able to integrate my kids.

Big vase

A China Vase

Coming from a mix heritage of straits born Malay and Chinese my ancestors have embraced the best of both cultures and combined it to something unique~Peranakan.  There is still so much to learn especially how to cook all those tasty but laborious dishes. I hope to be able to pass on to the kids all these jewels which my ancestors have left for me.

How do you embrace your culture?

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Here is one of the songs which you certainly have to have it on LOUD. Angel by Super Junior.