Tiger girl- One going on Two

Tiger girl posing

Time really passes so fast. In two weeks time my little girl will be turning two. It is amazing the speed of development in a child from one to two. Looking back at old pictures of her when she was celebrating her first birthday she has matured and grown a lot since then. Last year around this time she only could speak a few words and now she is speaking in full sentences and able to get her wants and needs understood by others.

Tiger girl not only speaks to us in English but also in Mandarin and Cantonese. She is able to count  from  1 to 10 in all 3 languages like her brothers were doing at this age.  She is able to self feed herself using both the fork and spoon and currently learning how to use the trainer chopsticks which we got her. She is really progressing at a rapid rate  and I’m amazed daily at her growing abilities.

My little girl is really growing up fast!!