Chilling out by Embracing Music and Arts


musical instruments

It has been said that art and music compliment each other.

It is hard to have one without the other.

During our trip to Korea last month we came across some interesting musical and artistic expressions. I love how they decorated the frame to this set of bells.


This has to be one of the cutest  musical instrument that I have seen. You play it by using a stick and scratching the ridges on the back of the tiger.  I’m certain that it would brighten up any musician’s day playing on it.

And if you do get too tired or hot playing on the instruments what better way to cool down by tucking in to this plate of yummy waffle ice cream.

waffle ice-cream

If this snack is not for you then maybe you would consider  resting on one of these fancy chairs like Monkey boy did.

monkey boy on the chair

Or maybe do it Tiger girl style lazing in the pram.

tiger girl in the pram

How do you chill out?


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