Writers Workshop: Can I do it this June?

Tiger girl and Daddy

There are many things which I hope to complete this June. I have so many things and half the time as the kids are on vacations to the 3rd week of June.

Here is a list of 10 items which  I hope to complete by end of June.

  1. Get R to take care of Tiger girl by himself  at night so I can finally have my girls night out.
  2. Finish up all the book reviews that I have to get done.
  3. De-clutter and spruce up the house.
  4. Plan the homeschooling material for Tiger girl and to start on monthly theme focus in Japanese.
  5. Revamp my wardrobe and get more trendy clothes.
  6. Decide on which DSLR camera to purchase.
  7. Start exercising more regularly so that the final 5 kilograms can finally come off and disappear forever (hopefully)
  8. Set up my blogging schedule for the next  month.
  9. Plan new bakes and meals for the month of July
  10. Plan our next holiday.

What are your plans for June?

How will you go about to achieve them?

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44 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: Can I do it this June?”

  1. wow! for me, that’s too much to do in a month, LOL! I have this bad habit of procrastinating, so even if I list down my plans for the week, I tend to overshoot and end up doing it in one month.

  2. Looks like a very busy month for you. I’ve got a lot of things to do for this month as well. Good thing is I can have some time off by next week. Just a few days but it will be a good thing. This month, I am working on my fitness routine and I’m due for a goal update by the end of the month. Uh-oh…. 🙂

  3. That’s a pretty long list for one month, especially when you have No. 3 over there. Hehehe. But I hope you get to do all of them! All I want to happen this June is to be healthier 🙂

  4. I also love making to do list. I hope that you get to accomplish most of them. Based on experience I usually don’t but I can always add it to next month’s to do 🙂

  5. I want to mention again how amazed I am that you manage to get so much done with 3 kids and no help around the house! 🙂
    I hyperventilated as I was reading through the list. Haha!

  6. Hi Dom, no help on all 10 items but I could give you a reminder now and then to exercise regularly 🙂 Lets motivate each other. My goal is to drop 6 kg before end of year 🙂

  7. Good for you, You have your monthly itinerary:) But I think your plans were too much to be done in just a month..though I wish you luck… hope you surpass this all:)

  8. Uy goodluck on buying the best dslr. Why don’t you start first with Lumix? I’ve heard so much about this camera. Works like dslr, but the advantage is that it’s much lighter to carry. Inaamaga sa totoo lang ang dslr ko. Bigat kasi dalhin sa lakaran. That’s why most of the times, iPhone pics lang lagi. Hehehe!

    1. @Jhari,
      I too take more photos with my handphone then an actual camera. I’m still thinking between a micro DSLR or normal DSLR as I too dislike the bulk.

  9. May was my frantic month with lots to accomplish. For June, I’m trying to take it easier and enjoy. In fact, my most recent post was about making a sand pail list of things I want to ENJOY this summer. Your list seems doable to me, but it’s still ambitious!

    That’s good. I like ambition.

  10. I hope you get to do all of them! Procrastination always gets the better of me, sad to say! So, sometimes, I don’t like making plans that I won’t see through, haha! Bad!

  11. You are so organized! I like your list. I learned how to make a to do list when I was with Mary Kay years ago. Still make a list! You were clever to post this today! Have a good weekend.

  12. Cool list!
    My plan for this month is to finish what I didn’t last month 🙂 haha!
    Thanks for sharing your list! Made me wanna do something like this!

  13. Dang, that’s a lot to do… I got my hand full too, we are opening a new clinic this month . Blogging is mmy brether now a days. Good luck on your Goals:)

  14. Someone suggested getting a Lumix – I agree! I have a DSLR too but the bulk and the added weight to my already hefty everyday bag has discouraged me from bringing it everywhere. The Lumix, on the otherhand, very compact and I can bring it anywhere! It;s our most recent addition to our camera collection. We got it for second hand and we only have one lens so far. Soon I’d love to get another lens for it.

    As for June plans, I haven’t even taken the time to list all my personal plans for the month. The list at work is just too overwhelming at the moment. hehe 🙂

  15. June and July are summer months here so yes, like you i am also planning our holiday — and worrying so much about my extra 5Kg body weight lol!

  16. Wow that’s a lot for a month! Thank you for reminding me to exercise regularly once again and plan my blogging for June 🙂

  17. Wow! What a great list! Good luck, I’m sure you will be able to achieve all of it. You seem determined.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts for your June. Helen

  18. I got only one item in my list. Exercise. I’m hoping to start as soon as my kid’s classes starts.

  19. It looks like June is a busy month for you. Since DS’s graduation, I had hoped things would slow down for me. This hasn’t happened yet or at least not enough to suit me. The rest of this month will be spent exercising hard since much of May was shot. We hope to have a staycation for the two of us next month. This is something very much needed by us both!

    12 Ways to Celebrate Your Love

  20. I hope all your plans will come together nicely this month.

    I already have my schedule working well for the kids. Nothing going on for me right now. It’s summer so I try to keep them learning and also provide downtime to relax.

    2. I just plan on the best time suited for us and what is most important and then we register and go. Most are free.

    Enjoy your evening!

  21. Half of those in your list have been in my to-do list for months! Gee, I really should get them accomplished soon 😀 Do share some tips on how you’d be able to accomplish everything in a month’s time.

  22. I used to be a notorious list maker, but I was never able to complete and cross off even half of the items. That wasdiscouraging so I haven’t compiled any lists lately. I may start again??

  23. My plans are way less organized than yours… going to visit the grandkids, then have them come home with us for a stay…OK, gear up for chaos!! But I’m so looking forward to it. Hope your plans work out as planned!

  24. Probably you’re number one hindrance to these stuffs is procrastination. But one thing that’s good is that you’ve got it all listed and planned.. just get focus and you’ll achieve those.. maybe not everything all at once but surely you’ll accomplish most 😀 Goodluck!!

  25. Wow! The list sounds like a lot of work, much like a new years resolution list. I like that you have written it down, using a plan of action. Good luck!

  26. I admire your list of plans!

    I’m just trying to get through the summer babysitting in this heat!

    I do a lot more things when the heat breaks here in October!

    Thanks for a compelling link for the letter “C”.


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