Quarterly Top 5 Photos- April to June 2012

It’s really difficult for me to choose just 5 photos of the kids as we took so many pictures on our recent trip to Korea.
Here are some highlights from the past three months.
My 3 kids
The 3 kids sitting on the window ledge while waiting for us. One of the rare shots where all are focusing on the camera.
Monkey boy and tiger girl
Taken at one of the exhibits at Lotte world. They were in a “jall cell” exhibit which had rubber bars on. I love how both of them are looking at the camera.
Doggie boy and me
Doggie boy and me on one of the rides at Everland, Korea. We had so much fun on that ride together.
Tiger girl and daddy
Tiger girl giving R a ride in the car. She looks like a real driver here.
the boys
The boys out for breakfast at McDonalds. Love how they try to pose for the camera.