Portion Size Me by Marshall and Alexandra Reid

Portion size me
Portion Size Me: A Kid-Driven Plan to a Healthier Family by Marshall and Alexandra Reid. This book is  inspired by Marshall’s journey to healthy living and losing weight  after being constantly tired, picked on by other kids in school and being overweight.

Written by the mother ,Alexandra, and her twelve year old son Marshall, the book documents the meals that Marshall tried out in a month in bid to be more healthy.  This book brings together the whole Reid family as they work together to help Marshall achieve his goal of eating healthily and losing weight.

They paid close attention to their eating habits and looked at portion size, read labels and learned about the ingredients that goes into their food choice. This made them more aware of the need to eat whole foods and cut down on foods which are not beneficial to healthy living.


My thoughts

I really admire Marshall’s determination to keep fit  through healthy eating and involving his whole family. I like how he documents each day’s meals in detail.  Besides stating the meal that he ate, the ingredients and instructions on how to prepare the meal there are also snippets of information about different culture and food preparation methods.

There are many inspirational antidotes on how Marshall learns more about the food that he puts into his body and also suggestions on how to create dishes which are not only tasty but also eye catching.


I certainly recommend this book to parents who are looking to create healthier meals for their kids at home and want to learn more about  healthy eating.

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