My Baking Adventure Part Two

bread making

Last weekend we made two different types of bread- whole meal bread and ciabatta.  This time we used Biga ,a pre-ferment  to add to the texture of the dough making it more airy and light.


wholemeal bread

My wholemeal bread after it has been sliced. You can see the air pockets inside and how the crumbs turned out.

baking in the oven

The ciabatta and breadsticks baking in the oven.


cut breadInside of the ciabatta bread after it has been sliced.

The kids loved eating the sliced  wholemeal bread more then ciabetta which that gave it a pass. I added garlic butter to it and made it into garlic ciabetta for lunch on Monday.

I can’t wait for the next lesson as we will be learning more about sourdough starters and how to make sourdough breads.