Writer’s Workshop: Only For Awhile

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It was after the birth of Doggie boy that I decided to take up Yoga. I heard that it was a good way to exercise and increase one’s flexibility.  I got a Baby Om book and intended on following the activities stated in the book. It was far easier to read then to actually carry out those actions. A video would have been more suitable at that stage but I just didn’t have one. In the end I decided on signing up for a Yoga course and attended one at the nearby community centre.

It was interesting initially but as I got halfway through the course it got boring for me as I found the actions rather monotonous and too slow for my liking. Even though the actions were easy to follow and I didn’t have much difficulty  with the different pose that I had to get into.

Yoga was suppose to help me calm the mind and put me in a meditative state . However I kept on looking at my watch and wondering when the lesson would end. My mind was thinking about what I would and could be doing after the class instead of letting time stay still and enjoy the class.

Yoga didn’t really assist me in weight lost and was more of a social activity then a real workout for me. I thought to myself that I should have taken up Pilate’s or something else which would give me a more intensive workout. I stopped going to the Yoga classes after the course had ended. Yoga is something which I have tried and  won’t be trying again.

Are there any sports which you have tried?

Which one would you recommend?


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