Writer’s Workshop: Only For Awhile

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It was after the birth of Doggie boy that I decided to take up Yoga. I heard that it was a good way to exercise and increase one’s flexibility.  I got a Baby Om book and intended on following the activities stated in the book. It was far easier to read then to actually carry out those actions. A video would have been more suitable at that stage but I just didn’t have one. In the end I decided on signing up for a Yoga course and attended one at the nearby community centre.

It was interesting initially but as I got halfway through the course it got boring for me as I found the actions rather monotonous and too slow for my liking. Even though the actions were easy to follow and I didn’t have much difficulty  with the different pose that I had to get into.

Yoga was suppose to help me calm the mind and put me in a meditative state . However I kept on looking at my watch and wondering when the lesson would end. My mind was thinking about what I would and could be doing after the class instead of letting time stay still and enjoy the class.

Yoga didn’t really assist me in weight lost and was more of a social activity then a real workout for me. I thought to myself that I should have taken up Pilate’s or something else which would give me a more intensive workout. I stopped going to the Yoga classes after the course had ended. Yoga is something which I have tried and  won’t be trying again.

Are there any sports which you have tried?

Which one would you recommend?


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  1. I’ve always wanted to take up Yoga.. one day I will. Perhaps you prefer more “challenging” work out routines like lifting weights or something. Tried that before, it was fun but it’s best to get a trainer to “force” you to the gym.

  2. I felt the same way about yoga for a very long time. It wasn’t until I was nearly 50 that I started a regular class – the difference? A very experienced and engaged teacher who makes each class unique and pays attention to every person there. And a new perspective from me which allowed me to see that act of quieting my mind, and trying to focus on just that moment, was a harder workout for me than a strenuous aerobic class!

  3. I’m a runner. Yoga stressed me out too much…I have a hard time being still for any length of time and felt constrained by it.

  4. This is pretty much my experience with yoga. I joined a class not long before getting pregnant, and did some pre-natal yoga… but it wasn’t me. Too much internalising and meditation – I just wanted to get fit! I always seemed to have allergies and struggled with the exercises that focused on breathing through the nose.

    Recently, I tried a mat pilates class at the gym I’ve joined, and found it much more enjoyable. Similar stretches, a good workout on the old belly muscles… but no meditation or being told I must only breathe through my nose (I was recovering from a cold that time)! Going to try it again.

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sorry it was so (relatively) negative for you. I have been doing yoga about 1.5 years and hate, hate, hate to miss it now that I have found it! There are a lot of variables (teaches, types of yoga, environment, the list goes on and on) and you are not alone in not being in love with your first experience.

    If an opportunity presents itself in the future, I hope you’ll consider giving it a try again; it really can be a godsend in so many ways.

    But regardless, fun/interesting post and take care!!!

  6. I actually like yoga … it is wonderful for both state of mind and physical strength and flexibility. I also find walking is my favourite “sport”.

    1. @Jo,
      walking- briskwalking is one of my favourite sport too.. together with stair climbing as they are what my schedule allows for me to do without going to a gym.

  7. I joined yoga twice (different types). I like it very much. Love to join but can’t commit the time. You really need to throw everything behind your back and relax to enjoy it.

    If you want high impact, you can try hot yoga.

    I never try pilate. Wanna try if i hv the chance

  8. I’ve tried Yoga for a few months and did not like it either. I prefer walking out in the fresh air and just recently have taken up kick boxing and am loving it! Thinking of giving Zumba a try, have you tried this?

  9. I do yoga along with other exercises in front of the tv with my xbox. The yoga is difficult for me and I always seem to sweat the most while doing it! {:-Deb

  10. Well I wouldn’t call Yoga a sport. Or is it? I forgot they now think dancing around with ribbons is a sport. What ever. But anyway back to Yoga. I tried it just recently and couldn’t make my body form any of those shapes. You know like rising moon or dog face, but I gotta tell ya. The next day I had to get my husband to pull me out of bed. I was so sore I couldn’t walk to the bathroom.So I am here to officially tell you…Yoga is not for sissies! Oh I will go back again! I just bought myself an $8 mat from Big Lots and I can beat this Yoga I know I can!

    Ever try Zumba? Or Jazzercize?~Ames

    1. @Ames,
      I’m trying Zumba but via the WII I have at home. Once the kids are old enough to ALL be sent off to school I’ll sign up for Zumba classes.

  11. Hi Dominique ~~ Our daughter does pilate and really likes it. She likes it but it often almost does her in because it is hard. Before she had done yoga so that says something for her

    I did aerobics for several years. It was a free wellness class on-campus. Mostly our class was ladies but several of us guys generally were in it too. It helped with my muscles and stamina, I guess. I say guess because I was also running from 2 to 5 miles three or four times a week.

    Running may be the best. If you do be sure to have a safe place to run. I ran mostly on our college track and up and down and across the bleacher steps. On weekends I would run through our neighborhood but not on any major highways or secluded places.

    Good luck on whatever you do! 🙂

  12. I like basketball.I have played this quite a bit when I was younger. Then I played tennis quite a bit too. These two sports I love to play even now.
    I would recommend swimming, it’s a great way to stay in shape and a skill worth knowing.

    1. @Amanda,
      I love swimming and really wish to have time to do it more often (without the kids) as if I go to the pool with them it would be difficult for me to swim and take care of them at the same time. I too played a bit of basketball when I was in school. I also tried out netball.

  13. Someone mentioned that I should take up yoga. I feel like I’d be bored still. I love to dance so I’d rather do dancing or karate.

    I’ve tried karate before and loved it!

    Happy weekend!

  14. Yeah I wasn’t a big fan of yoga when I tried it in college either. I couldn’t figure out if maybe I was just too immature to ever really focus and do it correctly. I’ll stick to couch sitting for now.

  15. I tried yoga. Twice.

    I thought I was going to die. Ha!

    My daughter-in-law and daughters do it, though, and look like a million bucks! I think my bones are just too old and tired!

    Thanks for a thought provoking link to Alphabe-Thursday’s letter ‘O’.


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