Meet Me on Monday- Back to School Edition

zooming off

Last weekend the boys managed to go riding for a brief period before we were rained out. This time we brought them over to Pasir Ris Park as  Tiger girl could enjoy herself playing at the playground while her brothers went on the bikes. She really loved the kiddy swing and refused to come down after playing on it.

I can’t wait for the weather to get better so that we can make it a weekly outing to the park. I’m hoping the Doggy boy be able to ride the bicycle without the trainer wheels by year end and that Tiger girl will be able to join her brothers on the bike soon.

Swinging fun


This week I’m sharing a classic from Beast a Korean Boy band singing – “Bad Girl”

Acting Balanced
1. How do you like your eggs?

I like it fried and well cooked.  Am having the craving from trying Egg Benedict as it looks good. I’ll be attending a cooking workshop next month and one of the items on the menu which they are teaching is Egg Benedict. Can’t wait to learn how to make it!

2. Who is the last person you spoke to on the phone?
My Dad. We try to call each other as often as possible.

3. Do you have a place you keep ‘junk’ in your home?
We do have a storeroom in our house which I have been trying to de-clutter  regularly.

4. What is on your ‘spring cleaning’ list?
The kitchen followed by the toy cabinets in the boy’s room.

5. What blog post have you written recently that you’d like more people to know about? (don’t forget to link it up)
I have written quite a few post lately. Will be sharing my latest one written on Sunday- Bringing Up Baby

13 thoughts on “Meet Me on Monday- Back to School Edition”

    1. @Wayne,
      I have unsuccessfully tried clearing the toy cabinet but it always seems to be a WIP with the 3 kids messing it up every time they take something out to play.

  1. Hanna’s learning to ride her bike without training wheels too. It’s difficult because we live on a gravel road and have a gravel driveway… although the other country kids don’t seem to have a problem (maybe her mom is the problem LOL). Very cute!!

  2. Such cutie pies! Good Luck with your Eggs Benedict lesson, I love Eggs Benedict but I don’t make them, I just order them when I eat out!
    Love you song!
    Have a wonderful week 🙂

  3. Gosh she is adorable! Your kids are too cute. I love how much fun they have!

    Glad you found a great park and hope the weather gets better soon.

    Love your music!

    Have a great week!

  4. Girl, that is HOT! Love those guys – HEY check it out some English! Awwww right! Look at those moves. Those guys are totally awesome. Fabulous choice as always. Thanks for sticking with us and playing along. Have a great week.

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