SOC: Taking Time Off


This weekend we are taking the chance to take things slow. To go back in time and relive the moments as a one child family as we jet off to Taiwan with Tiger Girl. The boys are being left in the loving care of their grannies and I’m sure that they will enjoy their attention that they get from them. It’s not the first time that we have left the boys with the grandparents and went of on a holiday. I would like to have left Tiger girl too and have some couple time but she’s still at a very challenging age and would be too stressful and difficult for the grannies to handle all 3 kids.

It would be my fourth  time and I’m really looking forward to meeting up with my high school friend who I have kept in contact since going to Taiwan on a student exchange program.  The last time we met up was more then six years ago before Doggie boy was born if I remember correctly. It will be great as we will be visiting the lantern festivals which is a major event being held in February . It would be a great time to snap pictures and really practice using my camera.