The Importance of having an Internet Marketing Strategy

Having a  blog is a good way of getting your presence online.  However there is much to be done if you want to grow your blog and get a steady stream of traffic to your site. Everyday there are countless sites being created and the competition is great. How then can you make your blog stand out from the rest?

A comprehensive internet marketing strategy is something which you need to grow your blog.  You need a plan to increase your outreach and build up connections with other bloggers and  companies through the various social media outlets available.

Here at Dominique’s Desk I have been trying out various strategies to generate more traffic to this site. Here is a list of  four main strategies  which I am currently applying on this blog.

  1. Guest posting on other sites/ allowing guest posting here.
    My aim is  guest post at least once or twice a months and have monthly guest blogger share their articles here. This helps me get more exposure to my writings and inject some new life into this blog through these alternative voices by my guest bloggers.
  2. Commenting
    I try to reply to every commenter who drops a comment here and comment on sites which I visit. This engagement helps to build up community and I have fostered close relationships with many bloggers this way.
  3. Interacting through various social media platforms.
    I promote posts that I make here on this blog via twitter, Google + and my facebook fan page. As you can see via the sidebar I have a selection of ways which one can subscribe to this blog. This makes is easy for readers to connect with me via their chosen platform.
  4. Joining Blog Challenges and Memes
    I always welcome a challenge  and have found by joining the various challenges and memes I’ve sharpened my skills as a blogger and learned how to promote myself better.

 How are you working on your Internet Marketing Strategy ?


Disclaimer :I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog  for an seo company and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own. This post has a Compensation Level of 13. Please visit Dominique’s  Disclosure page for more information.