The Truth about Skiing and Snowboarding

I’ve always been interested to know more about Skiing and Snowboarding.  I tried learning to ski once on the slopes of the mountain in Melbourne when I was a student there. It was a scary  experience for me as I couldn’t control the skis and crashed out a couple of times. Nevertheless I was glad to have that experience and wished that I had more information about the sport before actually plunging head on into trying it.g. I jumped at the opportunity to review  this book –The truth about Skiing by and Snowboarding by Danko Puskaric

Danko’s book gives a detailed description of what one has to take note irregardless of whether he is a beginner/ intermediate or advance skier. Information given from an experience skier about what to take note, the rules, safety issues, diet, to specifics in the breakdown into the competitive ski sports.

I found it very informative and there were step by step graphics  for each part of the book. The graphics help to show  the proper warm up exercises to starting your skiing lesson on the slopes.  There were also many charts and related statics given to explain what could happen on the ski slopes if the correct procedures or precautions were not headed.

I personally found it interesting learning about the diet of a competitive skier. The amount of proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients which are necessary on ski days and off days. Even though I’m not a skier I’m still able to apply the information given by Danko to my own current weight lost challenge and eat more healthy. It also gave me a better inside to the two sports of Skiing and snowboarding.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review. All opinions are 100% one. This post has a compensation level of 1.