Highlights of November


November has been a busy month as the kids are on holiday and I’m busy doing a stock take of the year’s event.  I’ve implemented also quite a number of changes this month.

This blog has gotten a makeover as I have revamped the header and changed the template used. I’ve updated the header with more recent pictures of the kids and made some minor tweaks on the template to make it more easy- reading for  my readers.

I went to the National Orchid Congress with Tiger Girl and took loads of photos of the beautiful flowers.

You can see some of the flowers here

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5) Happy Thanksgiving Poem

I have been thinking a lot about my role as a mom and gave reasons why 3 kids are enough for now. I’m glad that the kids have me around this whole year to be with them when they need me. I’m able to support and guide them as they grow and mature.

Tiger girl has grown up a lot this year as she moves from a helpless baby to a toddler. Now at 14 months she is actively exploring every place of the house and exerting her rights. The world seems so big to her and she enjoys all the new experiences that she has daily.

Now that she is a bit bigger it’s easier to bring her out for a longer duration of time. She loves squatting and standing and is still learning how to walk.  Fun in the tub is a must now for her during bath time as she loves playing with water.


My little girl is really growing up too fast.