Top 10 List for New Moms

It’s never easy being a mother. Each experience  with a newborn has been different for me. I’ve  voiced out on Being a Mom  earlier on last month. Here is a more  comprehensive list which I’ve drafted out.

  1. Draft out a list of duties for others if you need helpers around.It may not  seem important to you before the birth of your child however after she/he arrives you definitely would need all the help that you can get. It’s good to spell out exactly what you need help in and who to help you with particular items so there is no dispute.
  2. It takes awhile to get use to the new baby/routine.Don’t expect to adapt to the new person in the house immediately. It takes some time for you to adjust to the baby and for the baby to adapt to changes outside the womb.
  3. It’s up to you to accept /reject visitors.Do not feel obliged to accept the daily visits from the grannies or friends who can’t wait to see your new born. Accept visitors only if you are up to it. For me I do welcome visitors any time during my confinement as it breaks the monotonous routine and I welcome the adult company
  4. Plan carefully when you design the baby nursery.
     There are many lovely thing that you wish to put in your nursery. However it is best to consider the practicality and longevity of the item before purchase. It’s no point putting in a bulky object that would only last your baby a month or so before he/she outgrows it.

  5. Get sufficient restIt’s important for you to get naps as and when possible as gone are the days where you be able to get 6-8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep. The baby may need feeding around the clock and it’s not true (especially in my case with my 3 kids) that they grow out of night feeding once they start solids. For me I had to endure till my elder boys were about 2 yrs old before they could sleep through the night. As if my 1 yr old girl still wakes 2-4 times to nurse.
  6. Trust your Gut FeelingNot all old wives tales should be believed. Do trust your own instincts to do what in necessary in times of need.
  7. Get a good baby carrier if you intend to go out with your kids.None of my kids are comfortable in the pram and most of the time I end up carrying them in my arms. I’ve tried many different carriers and the Ergo  is the best I have used so far. It really leaves my hands free and my baby snug and secure. The only regret I have is that I should have bought it 8 yrs ago when my 1st child was born instead of last year when Tiger girl was born. 
  8. Get a good nursing coverA good nursing cover will give you adequate cover and privacy when you need to nurse your baby on your go. It also saves lots of money as you do not need to invest in frumpy nursing wear. I gave up wearing nursing wear and just wore  lycra tops or T-shirts when I go out with the kids now.
  9. Keep a journal for your baby I find that it is important to record down the various milestones that  my children go through in a note book.  It really helps me recall all the fun and happy moments that I had witnessing them.
  10. Take lots of photographsThey are only newborns/babies once. It’s essential that you capture the moment for them to reflect on when they are older.


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