Preparing for the Golden Age



Today we went to pay respects to R’s grandparents. It has been a few years since we were back in Hong Kong. Each time we are back  we will make a special visit the graves of his paternal grandparents.  It was also a chance for the kids to get to know about their great grandparents.

Both of R’s grandparents were well into their 90s when they passed on due to old age. Having access to sites like ElderCare Online  back then would have been very useful to get more information about caring for R’s grandparents in their golden age.

During their final years  their health deteriorated and had to be eventually put into a home for the aged. It was really difficult for R’s parents and their siblings to take care of their aged parents as they were suffering from a variety of old age ailments and were rendered immobile due to health reasons.  The medical bills that they ran up were quite substantial. Luckily they had Medicare Supplement Insurance to help cover the bills.

I remember back then when R’s grandfather passed on the family had to wait for about a month just to get space to carry out the burial rites.  It wasn’t cheap also to carry out the burial and the cost went into a few thousand dollars in the end.  Burial offers burial insurance. If we knew what we know back then it would certainly help to cover the unexpected costs.