Maths Websites for Kids

This is the 2nd post in the series on Teaching your Child Maths

Learning mathematics doesn’t mean that one needs to confine himself to just pen and paper. There are other more interactive ways of bringing ” live” into the learning of Maths.

Many kids nowadays are really apt with the use of the computer and the mouse.  My boys too love playing computer games online and what better way of having fun learning maths then through trying out these online Maths games.

Here is a list of online Maths sites which your kids may enjoy.

  1. Cool Maths 4 kids
    This is a very basic website where all major topics in math are covered.
  2. Maths Playground
    I like the fact that they have a section explaining how to use the various models in problem solving.
  3. Kids Numbers
    There are step by step easy to follow lessons plans which guide you week by week through the various topics.
  4. Maths Zone
    The various topics from number skills, shape and space skills,data and probability and measure skills are covered. There is also a worksheet generator application if you want to print out worksheets for additional reinforcement of certain concepts.
  5. FunBrain
    There is online Sudoku at this site and other interactive Maths games for kids.
  6. BBC Maths
    There is a small selection of interactive games catering for ages 5-11years old.
  7. Maths is fun
    Topics covered includes Algebra, geometry, money, numbers and measurement to name a few. There are also puzzles and worksheet which you can try out. Widgets

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