Interactive learning in English

Learning does not need to be confined to books and boards. With kids getting more internet savvy there are more interactive websites which can engage them in online learning.

In a previous post I wrote about Maths Websites for Kids. In this post I will be introducing English websites which you can try out with your child. Here are a couple which I have tried with my kids.

  1. BBC for Kids- The Magic Key
    The Magic Key consists of flash games which indirectly teaches your child about  placing fullstops, patterns, creating sentences which make sense, capital letters and creating new words among other things. Recommended  level : K1-K2
  2. BBC Bite size Literacy
    This  site  goes through phonics, rhyming words, pronouns , sentence structure and use of punctuation. I use this website as a filler activity  where the boys click on for some downtime in between completing chores. Recommended level : K2-P1
  3. Literacy Zone
    Another site which goes through the different components of English. There are also links to online stories for kids.

  4. Literactive
    Here there are downloadable books which you can get for your child to read along to. All material is free to browse. You need to register for FREE if you want to download.
  5. The Grammar Gorillas- Funbrain
    The Grammar Gorillas is one of the interesting game at Funbrain website which touches on nouns and verbs for beginners and all parts of speech for advance learners.

Do you have any other websites to recommend?


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