Writer’s Workshop- Being SIMPLE


Mama's Losin' It

This week as part of the Writer’s Workshop I chose the prompt SIMPLE to write about.

Enjoying the bubbles

What does it mean to be Simple? There are many different definitions depending on which angle and under what context the word is being used. However for me being SIMPLE means  enjoying the little things in life.

Enjoying a SIMPLE life means

– Watching the boys playing in the bubble bath and hearing them laughing and having fun.

-Taking the time enjoy the kids instead of  climbing the corporate ladder and playing office politics.

– Not rushing to upgrade our dwellings or renovate it.

-Not going for Branded clothes and items even though we are able to afford some.

– Holding back on luxury purchases and only spending on items that are necessary.

– Getting the correct gadgets to help make each day better and easier to deal with so I can spend time on the things that really matter to me.

– Not getting caught in the rat race.

– Trying to live with at peace with my family and myself by trying not to get annoyed/angry with unreasonable people.

How do you live a SIMPLE life?