Writer’s Workshop: Getting additional qualifications

There are certain things that shouldn’t be put of a long time  till the  last minute.  Sometimes when you put it off  for too long the chance for obtaining it is gone.  I had been contemplating getting a diploma in music or a Masters after completing my degree.

However with getting married, having kids and having a highly stressed job there had been little time and energy to follow up on these aspirations.  Each time I take a break from work to care for the newborn I get so tempted to throw in the towel and not return to the job after my childcare leave.

The job scope has gotten worst throughout the 10 years I joined this profession.  The  unofficial working hours has gotten longer and there are countless new tasks and jobs to be done. It hasn’t been easy balancing work, home and kids. Most of the time the home and household chores are what I shift to the last on the list to be completed.

Even if I do have more then 23 hrs a day it is still impossible to finish everything on the to-do-list. Workload has increase significantly and the bosses expect you to behave like robot in efficiency and attitude. It really wears me out and make me more disillusion about why I took the job in the first place.

If I had been disciplined and hardworking enough back then more options may be opened up to me today.  It would be great to have these additional qualifications as it would make it easier for me to transit from the existing job that I have to a more flexi-hour one which is more fulfilling.

No point regretting and pondering about what if’s. It’s time to do something and move on.

Enough of being overworked and under appreciated. Most of my colleagues are like me- Jaded and wish to be freed from the “monster system” that we have to suffer under.

As if the management really cared about our well being. It’s time to take action for ourselves if we want to have a more balance lifestyle and time for the ones who are the most important in our lives.

There is still time to get out of the rat-race and get myself a better deal.

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