Weekend Reflections- Doing a year end review


As 2010 draws to a close it’s time to reflect on the happenings of this year.  It has overall been a good year.  The kids are in relatively good health and are on good terms with one another. R is doing well in his job and I managed to hold out and endure in my  highly stressed job till Sept.

We will be sitting down an doing a review of the family budget and finance for the year.  It’s time for the yearly family audit with our in house auditor. We will have to be more financially prudent next year as I will be on leave to take care of the kids.

The new year is approaching fast and I will have to start on spring cleaning the house. It is time again to pack away the clothes that the kids have outgrown and discard those which can’t be worn anymore. I too need to spruce out my wardrobe and put in a few more stylish pieces. ( However I’ll wait out till I get nearer my ideal weight to do new purchases or else that garment won’t be long lasting for me.)

I need to clear out a corner for Ryan as he will be entering elementary school next year. He needs to have more cupboard space for his school books and related items.

It is getting more challenging as I have deal with 3 ” I need your full attention” kids. However  I am confident that I am able to handle whatever challenges they may send my way. I’ll be setting up a new weekly timetable for all of them so that we will be able to utilize time more efficiently each day.

How has your year been?

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