Writers Workshop- Getting the Best Deal

Nowadays the price of things have been escalating rapidly. As part of Writer’s Workshop this week I’ll be attempting

Prompt #1– I recently participated in a LIVE chat about couponing in the Frugal Living community on BlogFrog and I had no IDEA this community of savers existed. Describe a time when you saved BIG.

This is the bunk bed which I bought for the boys last week. I had been shopping around for new beds for the boys as welcoming present from Riona.  I decided this time around not to get them any toys as they already have many toys and do not need extra toys around.

Buying  beds is a rather big investment as they are not cheap and I wanted to get beds which could last the boys for quite awhile till they were at least in secondary school. I sourced around on the internet to look at the various patterns available and price range.

There were quite a few different types available. Some of the bunk beds I saw look like buses or out from a children’s storybook.  However many of these beds were not practical as the boys will outgrow them in time and are only suitable for pre-schoolers. They too came with hefty price tags which do not justify with poor quality materials used to make the beds.

I sourced around for sturdy wooden bunk beds which could be separated into two single beds for the boys to use now. I do not intend to stack up the beds as bunk beds as  it is rather dangerous for them at their current age to be sleeping on the upper bunk bed.

The boys would be jumping off the ladder and may injure themselves in the process. It is also quite difficult to monitor them all the time. To prevent any accidents from happening I have kept the ladder away and placed the beds side by side.

I managed to find these beds on offer this month and they came with two mattresses so we didn’t have to fork out extra for them. It added up to savings of about $500 for the beds as mattresses can easily cost $300-$500 a piece.

Did you get any bargains last week?

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