How well do you ACTUALLY know your child?

Photo by Flickr

Conception —- Birth(Baby)——Toddler—- Pre -Schooler-

From the day the arrived in this world we have never stopped loving and catering for their needs.  A mixed little bundle which can send us on a whirlwind of  emotional highs and lows.

Our natural instinct is to protect our child from all the ills of the world and at the same time teach them how to fend for themselves.  The mama bear come out of us when we feel that our cubs are being threatened or mishandled.

As they grow up they develop their own personalities. It is our job as parents to guide them and teach them the skills to survive in this world.  It is a fine balance being an overprotective parent and a “hand’s off” one.

From a tender age  my boys have been very challenging to handle. I’m sure most parents would agree with me that  when they are good they are very good, when they start throwing their tantrums it drives you up the wall!!

I do not profess  to being the “perfect” parent no do I have the answer to all parenting problems but based on my observations and experience there are  certain key factors which we need to cultivate with our child.

  • Open communication
  • A sense of responsibility for their own actions.

I will be going into more detail on the above factors in my next posts.