Weekend Party at JWT Gym

This weekend the kids attended a friend’s daughter’s birthday party at  JWT Gym. It was the 1st time  that the boys attended  a birthday celebration at such a venue. They had fun going on the slides and playing the game organized by the party organizers.

I remember I brought Ryan to this gym once when he was 1+yrs old for a free trial class. They do have quite a good gym syllabus but it is rather pricey for my liking. [It is about $300 per term of 10 lessons.]

I would rather take them to the 3-4 free playgrounds around the neighbourhood which I find are more challenging and interesting as the slides are higher and cater to an older range of kids.

The highlight of the party ,for me , was the cuting of  the cake as it was the 1st time that I was catering cakes for  a birthday party.

Princess  Cake and pink cupcake theme for the little princesses 1st birthday.

How did you spend your weekend?