Post 2008 Reflections -(Ryan)

Dominique’s Desk (c) 2009

It has been a very exhausting year looking after Ryan. It is getting very challenging dealing with a four year old going on eighteen.  Being the elder child in the family he sometimes acts like a baby as he vies for attention and affection with Roy.

As an eloquent speaker Ryan is apt in  trying talking his way out of situations which are to his disadvantage.

Ie: When playing snake and ladders and he hits a snake and has to go down the snake he will mention – ” no we are  suppose to climb up the snake and slide down the ladders, mummy you are doing it WRONGLY” [ twisting the rules of the game to his favour]- devious little monkey isn’t he?

There is a fine line between creativity/innovative  and morality.  I have to start emphasizing the importance of being virtuous to him and emphasis more on his spiritual and moral education.

Ryan  learns very fast and has no difficult understanding after one or two explainations to him. I’m glad that he is doing well in school and socialising well with his school mates.  He has had an A report card for 2008 and I hope that it will be the same for this year.

He is still learning how to socialize and play nice with Roy but as boys they get into squabbles more then being nice to each other. Even though they fight with each other I know that both of them do love and care for each other. Ryan will often ask how his brother is or look for him to play with when they are not together.

I do have lots of plans for the boys and will write them down and share with my readers in the week to come.

How has your New Year celebration been so far?