Pizza Pizza /Great Grandma’s 82nd Birthday

Last weekend Ryan attended his 1st pizza party. It was great fun seeing the kids piling up all their favourite ingredients onto the pre-made pizza base. While the pizza was being baked at the kitchen at the condo’s function room the kids were busy watching TV at an adjourning room. It was the 1st time that I have seen a fully functional kitchen which one could book for parties at a condo. What a great idea/venue for private cocktail functions or when you want to have a special sit down dinner without messing up your own kitchen.

Great -Grand Ma (4th generation yeah!!). Ryan & Roy are the fourth generation from this great  old dame. My grandma has 7 kids (1 boy and 6 girls)  17 grandchildren ,and  6 (+1 on the way ) great grand kids.  She is an excellent cook and I am in the midst of helping her compile her cookbook to share with the rest of the family as a christmas gift this year.

Earlier on this month I mentioned that her birthday would be the deadline for the July giveaway that I was running. That giveaway is officially ended. It didn’t go down that well as besides Angeline there wasn’t anyone else who left a comment on that post. Nevertheless I will try with other giveaways when I have established more traffic and popularity with this blog.

Angeline you want to claim your prize?