Weekend Reflections: Capturing Smiles

Tiger girl smiling


A smile means a thousand words. It’s a priceless expression which bring greats joy to others who view it. A smile breaks down barriers and initiates conversations. It also brings great warmth into a moment which freezes time.It certainly brightens up one’s day.

I love capturing the kids on camera and Tiger girl is a natural when it comes to smiling for the camera. She loves to be the one I am focusing my lens on and will readily post for the camera. The coy look, the cheeky grin, mouth wide open. So many different facial expressions can be portrayed when I say cheese and point the camera at her.

They are at an age where smiling and posing for the camera comes easily.  I know when they grow to be teenagers and even adults they may not be so natural with the camera.

Have you been capturing your kids smiles?

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