Teaching Good Manners- A classroom example

Last month I focused on how to communicate with your child This week in May my focus will be on Virtues Education.

” A courteous and well-behaved child is truely a gem.”Dominique

One of the biggest battle I face daily is dealing with disruptive and badly behaved kids.  These few weeks the topic that I will be teaching in school is РRight or Wrong.

On Friday we approached this topic by getting the groups in class to watch the following classic movie on ” Mind your Manners”

After viewing the movie  we had a short group activity. Each group was given 4 questions to answer.

  1. Who (in your opinion) is the best behaved student in class?
  2. Why do you like him/her?
  3. What did he/she do that makes you recommend him as the best behaved student?

I was surprised that the common points that all the groups raised were

  • He/She was friendly and helpful
  • Listens attentively to teacher in class and does his work
  • Smiles and talks to me.

Apparently all of them agreed that a well behaved child is one that is likable by both her peers and teacher. He does his best in whatever he attempts in class and builds up relationships with everyone.