The Benefits of Having a Pram

Yes or No? Should I buy one or not?  Before Tiger girl was born I did consider whether  it was necessary to get a pram for her.  Her two elder brothers seldom sat in the pram that we got for her and most of the time when we were out they were in a baby carrier.  They would only sit in the pram when they were tired or asleep. The pram had to be in constant motion of they would want out of it.

Even though a pram can be quite bulky it does have quite a lot of benefits when you are moving around with a baby or toddler.

  1. The pram come handy when one  need to carry goods like our grocery shopping besides the baby during an outing.  The  basket underneath the pram helps to temporarily store your purchases or baby items which you need to carry along.
  2. Other members of the family too can help in pushing the baby in  pram when you are busy attending to other matters or children.
  3. It is also less strenuous to bring the baby out in the pram then in a carrier as you only need to push the pram around and it is quite easy to maneuver with it’s four wheels.
  4. It is comfy enough for your kid to sleep in while you take a breather at Starbucks.
  5. It’s lightweight and easy to store away in the boot of the car or the closet when not needed.

After considering all these benefits we did go ahead and get the pram you see above.  Tiger girl does like seating in at and it’s great for our long walks in the park on the weekend.


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