Musical Notes 101- Part 2 ( Note reading)

This is the hierarchy of note values in music.

It starts of with

Semibreve (4 counts)

Minim       (2 counts)

Crochet     (1 count)

Quaver      (1/2 count)

Here is C major scale. These are the basic notes that one starts out learning.

Ryan has learn how to read the notes since I introduced it to him when he was 3yrs old.  Nowadays there are many different types of theory books for beginners. The one that he he is using has stickers inside which the kids can pass in when they are carrying out the activities inside. I find it is a fun and easy way to get young kids interested in learning music.

Here’s a fun interactive note reading game for you to try out.

Music Corner has free downloaded  music flashcards for your kids. Do check out the site

What are your comments on this?  Stay tuned for Part 3 where I give an introduction to the Violin.


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