Do you Know your Heart?


The heart is the organ in your body which brings life. A hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation.

It can be said that looking a person’s heart we can determine his or her character.

Good or Bad.

It is possible to deceive a person by manipulating one’s outward appearance but it is impossible to mask a person’s heart.

With experience I learned that there a heart comes in 3 different colors.

  1. Honest Heart ( Red Heart)This is the best  type of heart to have. One that you will have your peace.  A Honest heart reveals ones  true self . It is  honest in all it’s dealings and wins the trust of others easily.  It hears and seeks the truth.A person with an honest heart has  a glow around him and his credibility is high.  He is secure where  he is  and knows his focus in life.  He is also at one with GOD.The light shines through him and the purity of his heart is what is most attractive.
  2. Dishonest Heart ( Black Heart)This heart is cold as stone.  It doesn’t believe in GOD and thinks that it can control the world.  You can say it has sold itself to the world(devil)  and lives out a life filled with sin. It pursues all earthly desire with disregard for others. Damaging everything and everyone in it’s path if necessary.It seeks instant gratification and indulges in material wants without considering about others. It is self indulgent and self centered in it’s outlook in life .Best to stay a mile away from people with such hearts.
  3. Posioned Heart ( Purple Heart)People with this type of heart are very confused. They are uncertain about what they want. They have linear cravings for both GOOD and Evil.Their spirit is very weak and on more occasions lean towards the ways of the world then GOD.  You can say they are  greedy and want everything- The graces from GOD and all the earthly treasures.

What color is your heart?