Everland’s Secret Garden and Monday’s Music

Secret Garden

Last week we stumbled upon a secret garden. A place where fairy tales come to live. The whole garden was filled with flowers and there were  many creatures living in that garden.

Creatures in the garden

There were gigantic caterpillars and other creatures which I couldn’t really put a finger to describe the type of creature they were. They all looked super happy to live in the Secret Garden.

Secret Garden Train

We went on the red train around the whole park. It was really cool taking in the sights from the train.

the garden from the train

love the colour  of the flowers in the garden. The are shades of vivid red, yellow , blue and orange.


Love this shot of the giraffe sitting among the yellow flowers. It looks so at peace in it’s comfy position.

Monkey boy and Tiger girlMonkey boy and Tiger girl posing together.


Have you been to any Secret Gardens?


Sharing Doggie boys current favourite song by SHINee a Korean boy band